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Our Providers:

For Hospitals:

For Progressive 2000 Home Health Care Corporation
patients are the primary reason for existence. 
Our well trained and educated staff that is a part of an evidence
based management program aims at maintaining  uncompromising standards
of patient’s care in the home settings.

Founded in 1997, Progressive 2000 Home Health Care Corporation,
has experienced all challenges of rapidly changing health care system
and fully understand and follow all of them.

We are very aware of  the importance in preventing Hospital readmission.

Our goal is to work hand to hand with the hospital staff
to make transition of discharge as smooth as possible for the patient
and their families.

Our staff provides assistance in all aspects of home health care at home,
board and care facilities as well as assisted living settings

For Physicians:

Overview: We at Progressive 2000 Home Health Care Corporation.
would like to help Physicians understand Medicare guidelines and regulations:
Medicare may cover the Home Health Benefit if the beneficiary qualifies:

  1. A physician must determine that the beneficiary is in need of medical care
      in the beneficiary’s home;

  2. The care needed must include intermittent skilled nursing care,
       or physical therapy or speech language pathology services;

  3. The beneficiary must be homebound.
      The home can be a house or apartment, relative’s home, or home for the aged.
       A beneficiary may be considered homebound if they leave home only with
       considerable taxing effort.
       Absence from home must be infrequent, short duration, to obtain medical care

   4. The Home Health Care Agency must be approved by the Medicare program.
Progressive 2000 Home Health Care Corporation


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